Photo by Kristína Kliská

                                                                                                                     Photo by Kristína Kliská



We want to uncover the lives of forgotten heroes and foes.
We are as much of a part of this story as them: let's see how our present has been
shaped by their discoveries and inventions, what has changed and in what ways
 we have remained the same.



Oleksiy ChupaThe Youth of Gerhardt Frei
Translated by Zenia Tompkins

Maxym Dupeshko, an excerpt from the novel "A Story Worth A Whole Apple Orchard"
Translated by Zenia Thompkins

Alisa Ganieva, an excerpt from the novel "Offended Sensibilities"
Translated by Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler

Sophie Gertrude Strohmeier, There are No Happy Loves: a Retrospective of Forgotten Films

Letters & Essays

Vasyl Makhno, Chickens Don’t Fly
Translated by Ali Kinsella



Sergey Lebedev, "At the Turn" and other poems
Translated by Dmytro Kyyan

Selina Mahmood, “not desi” and other poems

Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler, "The Siege of Hades"

Snežana Žabić, "Empire" and other poems