Dear Readers,

Even for a writer, the mind is but one instrument of the creative process. Moving beyond a focus on aesthetics, our bodies can take us to great heights, give us pleasure or pain, show us our strengths and weakness. These differences reveal to us the beauties of diversity. With this in mind, the editors have chosen to devote the Summer 2018 issue of Apofenie to the body. As you will discover in the short stories, poems, essays and photography to follow, this theme encourages a wide variety of emotions dealing with, but not limited to: sexuality, illness, violence and suffering, and resistance. 

It is a deceptively simple theme. We confess that after we announced the call for submissions, we worried our inbox would be mainly filled with poems about sex. This turned out to be a correct assumption, and it would almost warrant an inquest into the impossibility of men writing about female sexuality. Perhaps some other time. Even in the prose and poetry which deals with sex, our contributors reflect on the limitations of our minds and how they might push our bodies toward an almost unattainable quest for the sublime. Our bodies, like our minds, can enrich us or betray us. The two go together, move together, in a dance that we often cannot understand, let alone describe. And yet we strive to do so.

Caitlyn Garcia
Andrea Goldbergerova
Kristina Kliska