The New Slaves

by Vania Valkova

Translated from the Bulgarian by Elitza Kotzeva

The new slaves are abundantly obedient
Socialize politely in slow-tedious style, yet
Always have their nails exquisitely done 
and well charged robots full of smiles to don. 

The new slaves move at a high-rev pace
To calculate, claim, buy
To swiftly pull back their hands
if unsightly
To wait, while they really want
To take a shot
To keep silent
To watch intently, yet with straight face
To get full of satisfaction
when duped
They always laugh, on no command
They’re always sad, with no tears
They’re always desperate, with no breakdown
They always buy, with no bills

The new slaves at slow or high speed
go back home and
Cry out—————
Cry out—————————-
Cry out———————————————
Rather loud.

Artwork by Vania Valkova
This poem was first published in Bulgarian by The New Social Poetry. You can read their manifesto

Caitlyn Garcia