"At the Turn" and other poems

by Sergey Lebedev
Translated from the Russian by Dmytro Kyyan

They could arrest the garden gnomes,
exterminate swallows and spiders,
roll a granite pavement in asphalt,
take out to the East
the porcelain figurines from a chest of drawers
that peeped through the window,
replace the human souls
with an overcoat cloth

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Caitlyn Garcia
"The Siege of Hades"

by Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler

Meticulous Demeter’s revenge was slow but vicious;
she bred innumerable souls to choke the underworld
and laced them with her own ethos; her triumphs
sickened its entombed monarch, and soon he was impotent

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Caitlyn Garcia
"Empire" and other poems

by Snežana Žabić

There are life forms who slash the cheek
of a refugee, lay eggs like lizards, drown in their siestas.
Immigrants talk about papers, Dubai, Cambodia,
Singapore, migrate pleasure and work. 

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Caitlyn Garcia
A cycle of poems about the War

by Khrystia Vengryniuk
Translated from the Ukrainian by Dmytro Kyyan

When you make a shot where the snow lies now,
I have my veins twitch and I wake up.
I screw up my eyes.
I fly away. 
Imagining HOW you are standing there.

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Caitlyn Garcia
"Soldier" and other poems

by Oksana Lutsyshyna
Translated from the Ukrainian by Dmytro Kyyan

it seems they sleep on the ground, in the ground
he gets out of the ground in the morning
to say some words
but he forgot the words because they are too long

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Caitlyn Garcia
Roselle Park

by Hilary Scheppers

It is early August and I am in New Jersey,
in this backyard, too green,
where my friend reads
a buzz poem called “Follow Him”

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Caitlyn Garcia